Pedal Malaya

Slide Ride Your City. Ride Your City (RYC) is a pedal powered festival that happens bienniallyin selected cities around Malaysia. RYC is a modular events platform for all things pedal powered,bringing communities together. BICYCLE FESTIVAL COMING SOON Slide Pushero Race
We acknowledge the young guns who are about to get their feet wet into the sport and we’ve created Pushero as a means to get quality family time together for the little heroes. Thats why we host an event dedicated for these young riders from all over. Pushero events are fun and postive experiences for the family. Who knows, the next Azizul Hasni might just be from the series! KIDS RACE COMING SOON
Slide Pedal Campout. A bicycle is meant to find freedom in oneselves and the tropics of Malaysia is certainly the best place to start exploring. A gathering event curated by us at Pedal Malaya, we strive to set afoot the first pedal campout experience targeting bike packing/bike tourers as we explore the lush tropical forests of Malaysia. BIKEPACKING GATHERING COMING SOON


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